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4.6. How are enhancement requests handled?

We receive thousands of great suggestions / enhancement requests throughout the year. When an enhancement request is received, it goes through an initial vetting process to determine whether it's a good fit for the product and future plans. If there is little or an extremely unlikely fit, it will be rejected even if it is a minor change, since thousands of poor fit changes develop into a very disjointed product. If there is a potential fit, it will be accepted into our enhancement request database for consideration for a future release.

Items in the enhancement request database are considered as new updates are released throughout the year. Some items may be included when activity in a particular part of the design is in progress, while others may be delayed during that time depending on the expected impact to the product. As development is completed for various requests, they are released in the current version of the software - you can see the list of previous releases on our blog at the following link:

In some of our products we have had updates which were released within days or weeks of the request if the timing happened to coincide with a similar change, and we have had some updates which were released years later as the product developed.


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