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4.2. What barcode readers work with Asset Manager?

Asset Manager will work with scanners that support keyboard emulation - these are the types of barcode readers that you hook up to your computer and they send keystrokes to the computer as if they were typed in. We don't have a specific model or brand to recommend, but if you are new to it, there are very inexpensive ones available that allow you to learn how it works with Asset Manager without a big up front investment.

Here's some additional information about the barcode functionality in Asset Manager:

About Barcode Readers
Asset Manager works with all types of barcode readers that support keyboard emulation (most do). These readers are sometimes referred to as "keyboard wedge" or just "wedge" type scanners. These type of barcode readers plug into your computer through a USB port, and when a barcode is scanned, the reader sends the barcode number to your computer just as if you had typed it in using the keyboard. The advantage the barcode scanner brings is that it can be faster and more accurate than typing in the barcode number yourself, and it will bring up the existing records in the database quickly. There are a variety of models available, and we recommend getting started with a model in the $25 - $75 range. You can always find some available on eBay in this price range at: http://tinyurl.com/2fcl23

You can also find a lot of interesting general information about barcodes and barcode readers at the following link:

About Barcode Readers

Check-In/Check Out With Asset Manager
When you're entering an Asset, you can let Asset Manager assign the barcode number for you using the default Automatic setting, or if the item already has a barcode, you can set the asset number to manual and then place the cursor in the text box before scanning the barcode to use the existing barcode. Note that the each barcode must be unique for each item, so you would only use this option if you have unique barcodes already assigned to items perhaps from a previous system. For example, you would not be able to use the model number barcode to uniquely identify the item if you have multiple items with the same model number.

There are different ways to check out an item in Asset Manager depending on the task you are working on at the moment. For example, when you are on the Personnel screen, and then scan the personnel badge, the personnel record will open to begin checking out multiple items to them (for example to set up a new employee), or you scan a barcode on the Asset screen and open an individual Asset record to check out or check in. For more information and screenshots on this topic, please see the User Guide at: User Guide

Printing Barcode Labels
Asset Manager comes with templates for printing barcodes on standard barcode labels on a standard printer. The barcodes are printed in the standard "Code 128" format. To print one label at a time, you will need a stand-alone printer such as a DYMO LabelWriter 400.

You can also use a wireless scanner to collect data for an asset audit. See the link on our blog for details:

Asset Audit


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