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3.4. How do I add an outside Trainer?

All personnel (internal and external) are tracked on the Personnel tab. You may distinguish an external trainer from your internal organization as follows:

  1. Create a personnel group named, "External Trainers", "Outside Trainers", "Vendors", etc. per your organization's terminology.
  2. For each external trainer, open the personnel form, and set their group to the name of the group you created in Step 1.
  3. In addition, be sure to select the checkbox labeled, "Exclude from required training". This will ensure that the outside trainer does not appear on your required training reports (for example, for training which is required for "All Groups").
  4. Also, select the "Trainer" checkbox. As with all trainers, this checkbox must be checked in order for the trainer name to appear in the Trainer list when creating a new Class Session record.


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