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4.2. How can I create custom reports?

The built-in report templates in Training Manager cannot be modified.

One-off Report Editing

You can edit an instance of a report by exporting it to an editable format and then making changes as needed. This does not alter the template, and the report will not carry over the changes the next time it is run. To make a one-off change:

  1. Select the report on the main Reports tab.
  2. Click the "Open In New Window" button in the main toolbar.
  3. Select the menu option: File --> Export, and export the report to a format that you can edit.
  4. Open the exported report in the associated application for editing.

Custom Reporting Utilities

An ODBC connection can be used to connect a 3rd party database or reporting utility to the Training Manager database. For the technical details needed to create the connection, please see the following link:

ODBC Documentation

Exporting Data

Data can be exported from the database in .csv format and then opened in MS Excel. You can then sort and filter the data as needed. To export the data, select the menu option: Tools --> Export. Then select the type of data to export and click the Export button.


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