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3.5. How to bulk update personnel status

You can change the status to Inactive for a bulk list of personnel as follows:

  • First, backup the database (menu: File --> Backup) in case any mistakes are made so that you can restore it.
  • Next, export a list of your personnel using the menu option: Tools --> Export, then select "Personnel" as the record type.
  • Open the exported list in Excel, and delete all columns except for "PERSONNELBARCODE" and "PERSONNELSTATUS". You should then have a list which contains only those two columns in it.
  • Set the Status values to Inactive as needed, and then save the file as .csv.
  • Next, select the menu option: Tools --> Import, and then select the .csv file which you saved.
  • Check the "Field Mapping" tab to confirm that the fields are mapped correctly from source to destination.
  • On the "Import" tab, check the box to "Update matching records". This will update the Status values for the records in your list.


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