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Search and browse this Knowledge Base for answers to questions you may have about Vehicle Manager. You can find additional Technical Support information in the Support KB.

1. Configuration

1.1. How can I change the sort order for a list?

You can change the sort order for a list by clicking on a column header. Click once to sort ascending/descending, click again to reverse the sort.

When sorting by Vehicle Numbers, make sure the numbers have the same number of digits.

For example: 001, 002, 003, ... 025, 026, 027, .... 130, 131, 132, etc.


1.2. How can I add my Company Name on reports?

To display your company name on reports:

1. Open the main "Reports" window.
2. Click on the "Header/Footer" button in the menu bar located just above the report.
3. "Edit" the Custom Header/Footer to use your company name.


1.3. How can I track equipment Hours?

You can set the odometer units to "Hours" instead of "Miles" or "Kilometres" as described below:

  1. Select the vehicle (or equipment) in the list on the left.
  2. Select "Hours" from the drop-down field on the General tab (near the odometer field and picture box).
  3. Click the "Save" button to save the changes.


2. Regional Settings

2.1. How can I set the currency symbol displayed in Vehicle Manager?

1. Go to the main "Options" screen using the button at the top of the window.
2. Set the currency option to "Windows Default".
3. Make sure your computer has the Currency symbol set for Windows. Information about setting the currency symbol in Windows can be found using the link below:

Windows XP Currency Settings 
Windows Vista, 7, or 8 Currency Settings

Restart the software after changing the currency symbol in Windows.


2.2. Can I use "Kilometres" and "Litres" instead of "Miles" and "Gallons"?

You can change the Units Of Measure for Distance, Volume, and Efficiency on the main "Options" screen.

Click the "Options" button located in the main Toolbar at the top of the window, and then set your units of measure as needed.

3. Service Status

3.1. Why does the Status still show Overdue?

The status will appear Overdue if:

  • The current date is past the Next Due Date - OR -
  • The current odometer is past the Next Due Odometer.

The Overdue field will appear in Red color in the data entry section on the Service Schedule tab, so you can determine whether it is the date or the odometer which is overdue.

You may want to check the "Current Odometer" value listed on the "GeneralTab" to see if it is correct.


3.2. How is the service status color determined?

The Red/Yellow/Green status indicator represents the service status as follows:

  • Red: One or more service schedules is Overdue.
  • Yellow: One or more service schedules is Upcoming based on the "Reminder" settings, but none are Overdue.
  • Green: All Service is up to date.

To determine whether a schedule is Overdue, Due Soon, or Up to date, Vehicle Manager checks the Next Due Date and Next Due Odometer. These two fields are located on the service schedule tab. The status color is determined as follows:

Red (Overdue):

Either the Next Due Date OR the Next Due Odometer (or both) is overdue. You can tell which one is overdue by looking at the fields on the service schedule tab. The text color of the overdue field or fields will be displayed in red color.

  • If the Next Due Date field is Red, it means that the Current Date is past the Next Due Date.
  • If the Next Due Odometer field is red, it means that the Current Odometer is past the Next Due Odometer.

The Current "Odometer" field is located on the "General" tab.

Yellow (Due Soon):

Either the Next Due Date OR the Next Due Odometer (or both) is due soon. Vehicle Manager uses the Reminder settings on the Service Schedule tab to determine how soon the status will turn Yellow in order to give you time to schedule the service. For example, if the reminder is set to "2 Weeks or 500 Miles", then the status will change from Green to Yellow when the current date is within 2 weeks of the Next Due Date, or the current odometer is within 500 miles of the Next Due Odometer.

Green (Up To Date):

The status is up to date when the next due date and odometer have not yet been reached and are not yet within the reminder period.


Additional Notes:

  • If you have a service schedule which is due based on the calendar time only with no dependence on the odometer reading, you can set the odometer frequency to "Every 99999 Miles".
  • If you have a service schedule which is due based on the odometer only with no dependence on the calendar time, you can set the date frequency to "Every 99 years".


4. Miscellaneous

4.1. Can I track "Equipment" in addition to "Vehicles" in Vehicle Manager?

Many of our customers track their equipment usage in Vehicle Manager in addition to their fleet vehicles.

You can create different "Types" for your equipment using the menu option: Tools --> Manage Selection Fields, and then set the value for the Type field on the "General" tab.

You can then filter reports for a specific type by selecting the type from the drop-down list on the main Reports screen.


4.2. Can I use Vehicle Manager for tracking MOT Inspections?

Although MOT Inspection isn't included by default, you can add it for tracking when it is due as follows:

1. On the Service Schedule tab, click the "New" button.
2. In the "Service Item" area, type "MOT Inspection".
3. Click the "Save" button.
4. In the Pop up window that opens, set the Type to "Inspection", and set the Frequency to every 12 Months or 999999 Kms, and then click the Ok button.


4.3. What is the difference between the Home Edition vs. the Pro/Fleet Editions?

The Home Edition has a limit of 10 vehicles, and it does not have the following:

  • Fields: Vehicle Number, Driver/Operator, Type, Department, State/Province
  • Reports: All reports using the Driver/Operator or State/Province field.
  • Other: The Personnel tab.