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2.2. My computer / hard drive crashed!

Disaster Recovery information

The system is comprised of two main components:

1. The software files
2. The database file

To replace the software files, you can install the current version from our website at the following link:

Download Asset Manager
Download Training Manager
Download Vehicle Manager

Regarding the database file:

If you have a backup file created before the crash using the menu item File --> Backup, you can restore it using the menu item File --> Restore. This will restore the database containing all of the entries as they were at the time when the backup file was created.

If you do not have a backup file, you may be able to locate the raw database file instead if you can access the old hard drive. The name of the file you want to look for is:
"AssetManager.adb" OR "TrainingManager.tdb" OR "VehicleData.vdb", depending on your program.

This is the raw database file containing all of your entries. The default location of the database file varies according to the operating system. You can find it as described below:

  • On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\[Program Name\[Database File Name]
  • On Windows Vista, 7, 8: C:\ProgramData\[Program Name\[Database File Name]

Once you find the old database file, copy it to your new computer and replace the existing sample database file. You can find the location of the sample database file on your new computer as follows:

1. Open the software and select the menu option Help --> About...
2. Click on the blue link to Open Local Data Folder.

After replacing the raw database file, open the software to see the data.

This software may be able to help if you need to recover a deleted file:
Data Recovery Software


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