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2.3. My database server crashed.

**Option 1:**

If you have backups of the server, you can restore the raw database file, "AssetManager.adb", "TrainingManager.tdb", or "VehicleData.vdb" from the server backup.

If your server is not backed up regularly, you might still be able to recover it from the Windows "Previous Versions" feature which is built-in to recent versions of Windows. To see if you have it, right-click on the database file and select the menu option "Properties". If you see a tab for "Previous Versions", check to see if a previous version of the file is available.

**Option 2:**

Or, if you have a compressed backup file (file extension .abk, .tbk, or .vbk), you can restore it using the Firebird gbak utility. Or, send it to us, and we will restore it to a raw database file and send it back to you.

If scheduled backups were set up using the default settings in the user guide, the compressed backup files will be located on the server at C:\Backup. Or, if you have a recent backup file saved on your computer, it will be found in the "My Documents" folder by default and have file extension, .abk, .tbk, or .vbk.

You may also be able to recover the raw database file or a backup if your hard drive has been formatted:
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